NishiKato on NEWS wo Abake


Normally NEWS seems very friendly with each other but actually, it becomes awkward when I’m alone with one of the member!

Is there’s any member?

Ryo-chan answer :

When Maru ask Shige, he replied :



This is amazing! I love RyoShige and this pimp post has it all: interviews, photos, links to videos, FANFICS!!

Check the comments for extra stuff! :)

Everyone who loves RyoShige, it’s a MUST to go see that pimp post! :)
Big thanks to the awesome tatoeba@LJ for making that. =D 

hey i just finished going through your blog. it was awesome! xD can't wait for more posts! i've always been a RyoPi fan but RyoShige is freaking amazing now that i've seen this blog. xD thanks for creating such awesomeness!

d’awwww~ we’re happy that you get to enjoy this little tumblog! 
and we’re as thrilled to know that you see RyoShige as something amazing now. They are indeed one, anyway. =D

Thank you for following too! ♥